GGB Fresno’s October Dinner and Zombie Crawl

GGB Fresno’s October Dinner and Zombie Crawl

After deciding to cancel our September brunch due to scheduling conflicts, we hoped to make it up to our brunchettes with an awesome October get-together. In our neck of the woods, boozy brunches are not the easiest thing to come by, so we decided to have a dinner-time event. Before meeting with our geek girls, my co-officer Tiana and I browsed the floor at our local geek convention, Zappcon, that was going on that weekend at Fresno Convention Center. Tiana dressed as Elizabeth Bennet from the upcoming Pride & Prejudice & Zombies movie and I dressed as Shaun from Shaun of the Dead. We both found some great geeky pins at a couple different exhibitor booths and took a photo in front of the Tardis.


Our fellow brunchette Rachel met up with us dressed as a flawless Rosita from The Walking Dead while Tiana performed a costume change and turned into a perfect Maggie Greene from The Walking Dead. We headed over to Sequoia Brewing Company for dinner and met up with our brunchettes Melena, Michelle (zombified for the upcoming Zombie Crawl), and Kaylon. This was our first time meeting Kaylon and it was fun getting to know her and all of her geeky likes. Our waiter took our order in zombie makeup, as many servers working in the establishments participating in the Zombie Crawl were dressed for the occasion. Us ladies chatted while enjoying music from Harry Potter and Halo that the restaurant was playing for the geeky event. We enjoyed pasta, chicken wings, quesadillas, fried green beans, and nachos while discussing Tiana’s recent trip to the UK, Crimson Peak, Michelle’s awesome zombie makeup, and the hotness factor of Tom Hiddleston and Clive Owen.

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After our delicious dinner, we said goodbye to Melena and Kaylon, and the rest of us got ready for the Zombie Crawl in the Tower District, put on annually by Fresno Zombie Society. Michelle’s husband joined us and dressed as Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. Seeing as Andrew Lincoln is one of my crushes, Michelle kindly lent him to for a moment so I could get a photo – this likely being the closest I will ever get to standing next to Mr. Lincoln himself! Thanks, Michelle! The dead were then unleashed upon the living and hundreds of zombies and zombie hunters roamed from bar to bar to consume various “spirits.” A creepy and geeky time was had by all. Many thanks to everyone who joined us!

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