GGB Orlando – The Brunchly Hallows.

GGB Orlando – The Brunchly Hallows.

Hello Wizards & Witches,

Recently the GGB Officers here in Orlando sent owls out with invitations not to Hogwarts, but to a Harry Potter Themed Brunch at Dexters WP. I’m pretty sure The Great Hall didn’t serve mimosas and poached eggs, so 10 points to us? Yes? I can see the HP fans shaking their heads at me through my computer screen.


Harry Potter is kind of a big deal. Especially with The Wizarding World so close, we have a lot of Potterheads in our mists, which meant that this brunch “sold out” within an hour of it being posted! Whaaaat? We were so honored and happy and are planning on doing a theme park meetup sometime in the near future to hopefully see some of the ladies who didn’t get to make it. So Orlando Brunchettes, be sure to keep your eyes on your inbox, and if you haven’t signed up, now would be an awesome time to go click that little “Sign up for Geek Girl Brunch” button on the top corner of your screen.  It’s okay. I’ll wait.



Welcome back! And onto the brunch recap. Ever since I found this tutorial, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at wand making, and what better excuse than a wizard themed brunch? Jessica and I channeled our inner Olivaner and each crafted up eight wands for everyone. And they looked dare I say magical.


Also provided by Jessica, our trivia prizes, every flavor beans, and Marjorie once again made us all these super cute buttons. THE BRUNCHLY HALLOWS. That pun stunned me with it’s perfectness. Luckily I was brought back with Rennervate So all is good now. Phew!





Anyways! While we are insanely jealous of the London GGB Ladies and their recent studio tour. (check out the blogpost here, it’s super rad) We had such a wonderful time together this month in Winter Park, and our trivia competition was fierce!

It probably wasn’t fair to have Molly Wealsey competing though. :p How neat is brunchettes Corey’s outfit?


After enjoying some breakfast, conversation, and trying all the gross Berts Every Flavor Bean’s (rotten egg wasn’t THAT bad.) We boarded the Hogwarts express and headed back to our homes.

Awaiting another gathering of witches, wizards, and monsters next month!

Xoxo Paige

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