GGB Montreal – Tardis Tea Party Brunch

GGB Montreal – Tardis Tea Party Brunch

To celebrate the season premiere of Doctor Who, GGB Montreal decided to host a TARDIS tea party brunch. As our location we chose the absolutely delightful Cardinal Tea Room, a restaurant that specializes in English style tea. We even managed to book their lovely mezzanine for added exclusivity.

GGB Montreal Tardis Tea Party Tuuli and Valentine While a sparsely attended affair, the everyday cosplay game was strong for those who did show up. Officer Tuuli went with an Eleventh Doctor themed look complete with suspenders, while brunchette Valentine brought a 3D PRINTED DALEK! We managed to sample a total of four different teas, gobble our weight in gourgeres and tea sandwiches and finished it all off with fresh scones and clotted cream and jam.

Although not as well attended as we would have liked, everyone who did come had a wonderful time eating delicious British foods and discussing our favourite Doctors.

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