GGB Raleighs Gotta Catch’em All Brunch

GGB Raleighs Gotta Catch’em All Brunch

Previously at GGB Raleigh: The Girls enjoyed a lovely brunch themed around Magical Girls. Officer Kathryn crafted some cute gifts. Brunch was magical.

This month at GGB Raleigh: Pokemon and the biggest brunch attendance yet!


The girls in Raleigh gathered around the table at Another Broken Egg in Raleigh to celebrate all trainers and debate the most important question: Which Pokemon is the best?

Our brunch started a little inauspicious with a much longer wait than needed. Word of advice to all -> Not the best place for brunch, they don’t take reservations. Since brunch was late starting, the table was not set up with the theme, but everybody loved the goodie bags! IMG_1073

Officer Kathryn found these Pokemon coffee bag free templates online and thought they would be PERFECT for this brunch.

IMG_1064We worked with some great people for these bags. Officer Kathryn made some super cute pokeball coasters for everybody. Each bag had a different pokeball in it. She also put a small bag of coffee beans to match the roast type on each girls bag.

Other bags alternated between earrings or necklaces. Valerie over at Press Start Crafts is a wonder and she provided us with a bunch of different Pokemon themed earrings. There were classic Pokemon game cartridges, the Pokeball as seen in the picture, and Togepi eggs!

We also worked with the lovely Erika from WrittenNtheStars who made these beautiful quilled Poliwhirl necklaces for us. Officer Kathryn has also purchased from this lady before and her quality is AMAZING. She also has some other great geeky quilled necklaces that you should check out!

Brunch was filled with fun things. One of our brunchettes has embraced the joy of baking and brought us candy Pokeballs! Modeled here by another brunchette.

IMG_1068All in all, it was a successful brunch full of people who were new and will hopefully be seeing us again for next month!



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