Geek Girl Brunch LA – Accio Brunch!

Geek Girl Brunch LA – Accio Brunch!

accio brunch

We all know there’s something truly magical about Brunch but on September 19th Geek Girl Brunch LA elevated that to wizard status with our Harry Potter themed brunch.


We went to a fantastical place called The Pikey, where your first mimosa is free, and unlimited mimosas flow into your hand like magic. Everyone proudly wore their house colors! Wands were tucked away and would you know it every house got along swimmingly. Yes there something truly magic in the air as new and old members chatted over potions. The Pikey was a truly a treasure to find.

From the endless Mimosas to the traditional English breakfast, the food and wine flowed as did the laughter. Potter fans shared their love with those not so familiar with the franchise, and we all the pleasure of geeking out together.

Prizes and gift bags were given. And although not much happened, Magic was in the air in form of new friends and conversations!

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So what’s next?

Continuing to put a spell on you in the L.A. Area join us for our Hocus Pocus Brunch on October 10th at City Tavern. After all its just a bunch of hocus pocus!

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