GGB Reno’s Superheroine Brunch

GGB Reno’s Superheroine Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch, Reno met for the second time last weekend, and it was just as amazing as we expected! We assembled at Mimi’s Cafe for a marvelous, superheroine brunch.




Mimi’s Cafe is famous for its mimosa flights, and we wielded all the champagne flutes! I’m saying that literally; some of the girls had to wait for tables to be bused to get their mimosas. When we go for mimosas, we go hard because we take our brunching very seriously.






IMG_3625Many of the girls were headed back to school after this brunch, and it was an absolutely fantastic way to say goodbye to summer. The girls bonded over their favorite cartoons (Gravity Falls forever!), and some new friendships were formed. Some of the ladies also came out sporting some sweet superhero gear!


We’re hoping to make the last Sunday of the month our regular meeting date, and Mimi’s Cafe seemed like a fantastic choice because they allowed us to reserve a larger table. We had a great turnout this month, and we hope to meet more geeky ladies next time!







If you’re interested in joining the Reno chapter of Geek Girl Brunch, check out our Facebook page or our chapter page.

Nanananananananana Geek Girls!


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