GGB- NYC: Clever Girl Brunch

GGB- NYC: Clever Girl Brunch

“Hold on to your butts” It’s time for the Clever Girl Brunch Recap you’ve been waiting for! This brunch was out of this era. We were assigned dinosaurs for the raffle and then we went to the National History Museum to learn more about them.

The Venue: Bourbon Street Grill

We were on the rooftop patio at the Bourbon Street Grill. They provided a wonderful brunch for those carnivores and herbivores alike. And the drinks were fruity and definitely welcome on the hot summer day.


The dinosaur attire was out in full swing! Everywhere you looked there was a dinosaur necklace, shirt, bag, tattoo (temporary), etc. It was beautiful. A bow dow to Ashleen, who cosplayed as Bryce Dallas Howard. She wore the heels THE. ENTIRE. TIME! She was dedicated.


The raffle was an embarrassment of riches. Every attendee received a piece of swag. There was a dinosaur at each place seating, that dinosaur determined your prize. Huge thank you to Cadebee Creations, There Will Be Buttons, The National Anthem, 518 Shipp, Miranda Dressler Illustrations, MelleNora, Snitches Get Stitched, Sweet and Lovely, Heldina Line, Armory Fab, Mike Spiers Art Store and Art is Andra Shop.

Museum Tour

With our bellies full, it was time to make our way to the American Museum of Natural History. We went through a private entrance and met Eric our tour guide. Eric is one righteous dude and he knows about dinosaurs. Eric took us around the dinosaur wing where we learned so much. It was a lovely tour and then we got down and did the dinosaur.

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