GGB Phoenix – Back to Hogwarts

GGB Phoenix – Back to Hogwarts

The Phoenix Chapter’s second major brunch took place on September 19, and it was definitely one for the books! Our officers really took the theme, “Back to Hogwarts” and ran with it!

Joey Reyes helped us out again with an amazing illustration to help promote the event. We are forever grateful for his donated illustration talents! THANKS JOEY!!

Back to Hogwarts - PhoenixAs is becoming tradition, we have the girls sign each printed illustration to add to our GGB Phoenix scrapbook.

As the brunchettes arrived, we put them each through a mini Sorting Hat event. Each girl sat on the stool, put on the sorting hat and drew a piece of paper out of a Jack-O-Lantern. The paper revealed their house for the day. After each girl was sorted, they had to sit at their house table, and work together to complete an ice-breaker quiz. The first team (which OF COURSE ended up being Ravenclaw) to complete their quiz and get all of the answers correct won a free print of Joey’s art. Good job, Ravenclaw!

We also took reaction photos of every single brunchette going through the Sorting Ceremony. The girls were able to grab their photo off of our Facebook page, which would be one of two fun photo keepsakes from the event!

Back to Hogwarts - PhoenixThis particular brunch was held at local Irish bar Rosie McCaffrey’s located in Central Phoenix. The venue was wonderfully accommodating and gave us our own room with exposed brick walls and even a chimney! They even worked with us on a custom drink list, where we had drinks such as the Polyjuice Potion and Gillywater to name just a few.

Back to Hogwarts - PhoenixEach seat had a bag of swag, with corresponding house-colored bows, made by our very own officer Janelle! Janelle also made wands for all of the girls, and Erin made the small tote bags the gifts came in.

Our wonderful and amazing affiliates also provided some AMAZING items for the girls to enjoy. From Miss Muerte of La Muerte Dulce, we had Deathly Hallows decals. From Artisan Gerard (who attended the event!! SHE WAS SO NICE!) we had snitch necklaces and a couple of Phoenix keychains for some lucky raffle winners. Andrea from Little Kit Designs donated a gorgeous illustrated Dumbledore print and also attended the event. Also so nice. Also kind of want her to be my best friend. She’s amazing! The Subtle Geek, whom I’ve been a fan of since Phoenix Comicon, brought us some AMAZING Harry Potter bows. Without a doubt a very popular item. Ben from Geeky Glassed provided some of the most high quality, STUNNING Deathly Hallows shot glasses. Last but certainly not least, one of our very own brunchettes, Nicole, donated a BEAUTIFUL Slytherin painting for our big giveaway. Definitely check out her shop, Paint Your Fandom!!

We are so lucky to have such amazing partners to work with to make these events amazing. Thank you so much, and PLEASE PLEASE check out their shops and consider buying from them for your holiday and gift shopping!

Back to Hogwarts - Phoenix

After the quiz and raffles, the girls took a few Azkaban mugshots, and then mingled with each other. There was such an amazing energy that day, we didn’t want it to end!

And of course, before everyone left, we just HAD to take house photos. We love how grumpy Slytherin looks!

Thank you so much to everyone that came and helped make this event special! This was actually the largest one yet with 40 attendees!! We couldn’t have done it without our wonderful affiliates, venue, artist or the positively wonderful geeky attitudes of our brunchettes 🙂

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