Geek Girl Brunch St. Louis Metro Dr. Who Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch St. Louis Metro Dr. Who Brunch

St. Louis Metro had our September brunch at The Scottish Arms in St. Louis in celebration of the new Doctor Who season that came out this month!

12015100_10156098626845425_1542553049068580281_oWe got to taste some amazing foods like the Highland Hangover which included Salmon, toast, meat pasties, a scotch egg and home fries!12042758_10100189094640342_8501004618671558471_nAs always we enjoy each others company and many topics were discussed from Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Plants Vs. Zombies, Eureka and Haven. We even talked about Halloween coming up and costume choices.

We also had some awesome swag that was hand made by some of our brunchettes.

12042766_10100189094600422_2724243116642459553_nA awesome Dalek zipper bag, some super cute sonic screwdriver earrings, and a Tardis decal.

12039631_10102276324431588_7324525987431847880_nWe can’t wait until next month to meet up again for our Back To The Future Brunch!

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