GGB Lubbock Launch Brunch

GGB Lubbock Launch Brunch

Hello Brunchettes!

On August 22nd, Geek Girl Brunch Lubbock had it’s launch brunch and it was a great success!

For our first brunch, with went with the theme Space to cover as many geeky fandoms as we could. We had a bunch of Doctor Who, Stars Wars, Star Trek, and Firefly lovers so knew this would be perfect.

We went to a local restaurant called Stella’s and had a quiet, beautiful room to ourselves. Everyone had name tags and were decked out in space themed outfits and looked so cute!

The brunch menu at Stella’s was so delicious! Many of us ordered the Belgian waffles with white chocolate and raspberries and weren’t disappointed.

We talked about shows we liked, the different conventions coming to town and events happening, makeup and outfits, and so many different things. It was a blast just getting to hang out with like minded ladies and discussing whatever we wanted.

We had a bit of swag both donated by a local artist and some created by the officers from their Etsy shops. Shawna from Hello Quirky, formerly Scrawny Girl, is a local brunchette and donated some super cute Doctor Who stickers from her shop! All her merchandise is adorable and we were super thankful for the additions!

Officer Sam, Raicodoll, made some Scifi themed sticker sets for the occassion. Officer Cassie created some adorable Doctor Who and Star Wars keychains out of perler beads. And Officer Alex, whose Etsy just opened but can also be found on Instagram, created an amazing Star Trek hat that we raffled off to a lucky winner.

Much food was had and we chatted for a good while over delicious brunch. It was a great time and everyone was excited for the next one. We all brainstormed things that we would like to do and themes and events. It was great to meet new ladies to bond over our passions and to bring together a bit more of the geek community that is growing in our town.

Thank you to Brunchette Shawna for the photo 🙂

Overall, our launch was a complete success! Thank you to all the lovely ladies that came out, Stella’s for hosting us, and Hello Quirky and our Officers for the amazing swag!

Feel free to check out our Facebook page for updates on our next events or check out our Instagram and follow us! And check out all the wonderful ladies’ shops that provided our swag! They would appreciate it very much 🙂




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