GGB Twin Cities ‘Get Your Villainy On’ Inaugural Brunch

GGB Twin Cities ‘Get Your Villainy On’ Inaugural Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch has officially hit the Twin Cities as of Saturday, August 22nd. Armed with green and purple balloons, a plastic cauldron, and a secret prize we dressed up the party room at Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge in eager anticipation of the geekery to follow. And believe me, ain’t no brunch party like a Minnesota brunch party! (Bring out the hot-dish!)

psycho suz'sTo have some truly wicked fun, we dedicated the first brunch to all the villainesses out there, and invited brunchettes to incorporate their favorite villainess into their brunch-day attire. Chair Woman Cecelia handcrafted her own hairpiece inspired by a villainess from the hit show “Legend of Korra“.

Amidst the flames of flickering candles and the looming eyes of Tiki Masks surrounding our tables, ten geeky ladies arrived one by one. Name tags were slapped onto t-shirts and we all sunk our teeth into that beast of thing called first impressions.

To no one’s surprise, once a comic book name was suggested the conversations began to fly across the table. My rapid note taking could keep up with the growing lists of:

“Oh, you must read…”

“If you’ve watched that, you HAVE to try ….”

“Have you heard about…?”

“Did you know so-and-so wrote/played/directed/drew….?”

My favorite moment was meeting a fellow lady Dungeon Master and her younger sister who happened to be interested in studying Japanese language (one of my other passions). Moments like these are why Geek Girl Brunch is so amazing. All of sudden each of us, who most likely enjoy our geeky hobbies in some degree of isolation, had not just one, but TEN other women we could indulge in geeky conversation with.*

Who knew eating tater tots and discussing “Night of the Living Dead” (the original, obvi) would be so gosh darn fun?

The time flew by in, dare I say it, a MAGICAL way. By the Witching Hour of 1 pm (when our reservation ended) I felt thoroughly satisfied that we had bonded as a group, and are now ready to jump into future brunch adventures together!

And what became of our secret prize? Brunchette Paige found herself the lucky winner of a copy of Disney’s “Maleficent” and a candle from Bath and Body Works. (Because villainesses always need fancy candles.)


But wait – there’s more! GGB Twin Cities already has the September event planned for Sunday, Sept. 20th. Check out our Facebook page for more details. It’s time to break out the chakram’s ladies, cuz things are about to get physical.

*Why oh WHY didn’t we take photos? We’re just brunch newbs. We promise lots of photos in September 🙂

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