GGB San Antonio’s Inaugural Harry Potter Brunch!

GGB San Antonio’s Inaugural Harry Potter Brunch!

The San Antonio chapter of Geek Girl Brunch met for the first time on August 23rd to celebrate the recently passed birthday of one Harry Potter!

Harry Potter Brunch


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The Witty Ravenclaws!

The brunch took place at The Lion & Rose, San Antonio’s favorite little British pub, known for a plethora of amazing food and deep love for embracing fannish groups in the city!


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The Brave Gryffindors!

The turnout was amazing at 30 girls for the very first brunch! We had people in every single Hogwarts house, and several of them came in school colors or costume!


The Loyal Hufflepuffs!

There was house seating, where a letter from their owls waited “flying” over their chairs to deliver their Welcome to Hogwarts letters with a book list for their first year of attendance and a ticket for platform 9 3/4! (As well as house coloring sheets & surprise swag bags!)

Single lovely Slytherin!

Once everyone was seated, there was a full room introduction, starting with the officers, where the girls said their names and who their favorite character of the series was. (We were all excited to hear everyone’s answers, with several rounds of applause and hoots that came from several names!)



In a move of bravery and amazing triumph, we decided to put swag bag creation out to not just the officers but every girl who signed up, if she wished to be involved. We gave them the cap number and allowed them to take the idea as they would and run with it. The result was nothing short of magical.

11909429_881159171932960_1171261390_nThere were 8-bit hair bows (in every house color), chocolate frogs, Every Flavor Beans, Gringotts Coins, Earrings (in every house theme), and a full set of GGB SATX Brunch #1/House Color Magnets in lovely bags with their names and house design already on them.


And victory wands, made by one of the officers!

We ordered food, having new and old dishes and drinks, while playing a three round trivia contest divided by teams (our lovely Slytherin joining the Hufflepuffs and protecting them from everyone!). There were easy and hard questions which left everyone laughing and groaning.

At the end all of the house points were totalled (for signing up, for donating to the bags, for winning trivia rounds) and our winning house was………RAVENCLAW!


It was an amazing day, and from all of the officers here, we loved every minute of it and it exceeded our best dreams for a day one brunch. We can’t wait to see you next time!


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