GGB Fresno – Horror Movie Night

GGB Fresno – Horror Movie Night


Our brunchette, Sonia!

 What’s your favorite scary movie?

When Tiana and I found out about a local horror movie club holding a free screening of the 1988 film “They Live,” we decided to declare our August brunch as Horror Movie Night! We began our outing at Eureka!, a small but lively joint known for its craft beer, tasty burgers, and locally sourced ingredients. Water, beer, and cocktails were delivered to our table while our brunchettes discussed our favorite horror movies, tabletop games, and comics. Burgers and fries followed soon after with us ladies tucking into such items as the Napa Burger with pancetta and roasted tomato, the Lulu Burger with lamb and mint aoli, the Pearl Street Blues Burger with bleu cheese and wild mushrooms, and the local specialty known as the Fresno Fig Burger with fig marmalade, goat cheese, and bacon. Our lovely waitress was nice enough to split our check between the nine of us and snapped a photo of our group before we left as full and sated customers.

I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum!

Next up, we moved our group to Full Circle Brewing Co. where Central Valley Horror Club (run by one of our newest GGBFresno members) was screening John Carpenter’s “They Live” as a tribute to the film’s star and pro wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, who passed away in July. We distributed goody bags filled with sunglasses, bubblegum, and candy to our brunchettes in honor of Piper. The film follows Piper’s character’s discovery of an alien race that has taken over under the guise of wealthy citizens. A special pair of sunglasses help him uncover imposters and their subliminal messages (“Marry and reproduce,” “Obey,” “No imagination”) planted in television and print ads. Piper and his friend, played by Keith David, band together to destroy the alien race. In a memorable scene, Piper and David’s characters fight each other for what seems like ages, and us geeky ladies delighted in the complete absurdity of it! We enjoyed it very much, needless to say.

Goody bags!

 Can I make a U-turn here?

After the movie, most of our brunchettes had to head out, but a small group of us headed to Peeve’s Public House (the site of our first brunch) for a couple drinks and geeky conversation. Being somewhat unfamiliar with the area, we had quite an adventure getting to a parking garage, but we eventually made it! We ended our night chatting about tambourines, our favorite celebrity crushes, and Game of Thrones. Our 4th meeting of GGB Fresno had the biggest turnout yet and we can’t wait for our September get together!

Our brunchettes sporting shades and chewing bubblegum
Our brunchettes sporting shades and chewing bubblegum

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