GGB Bay Area’s Marvelous Chapter Launch

GGB Bay Area’s Marvelous Chapter Launch

Hiya Brunchers!

Just today, the Bay Area chapter had our very first brunch at Townie in Berkeley, CA! Despite all of the anxiety and nervousness from our chapter officers, the brunch went perfectly.

Upon arrival we had a few lovely ladies waiting for us and as soon as we were seated at our table we got to work making sure everyone’s place had goodies. We wanted our brunchers to come in and know right off the bat that this was a fun gathering!

dat swag doe!

Each person got a coloring sheet with crayons positioned between everyone, pencils, erasers and a hand made Ant-Man pin courtesy of our member Nina. To top it all off, confetti was sprinkled at ever place setting!

As ladies came in little by little the conversations picked up and you could very much tell that people were beginning to get along. When our last person trickled in, we decided to jump into the get to know you portion of brunch. Everyone with mimosas, soda or water in had went around and introduced themselves to the group. We found out that quite a few of our ladies work in the video game industry or have an intense love for Star Wars.

the ladies enjoying their coloring pages

After we did a round of introductions we hosted a little Marvel themed trivia and handed out a few cute prizes including jewelry, key rings and Disney vinylmations. Once everyone got their food more amazing conversations happened. We had a lot of talk of video games, 90’s memories and so much more.

when mimosas are involved, everyone has fun!

After food, we spent a some time making sure to gather up everyone’s social media. It was fun (and funny) to see everyone swapping phones to get Twitter and Instagrams. From the outside looking in, a bunch of girls swapping phones must have been a little funny looking.

Once we paid and graciously asked one of the hostesses to snap our group photo, some of the ladies went home and the rest of us ventured over to Fantastic Comics! The people over at Fantastic Comics were great. They greeted us and asked us if we needed help and what we were looking for. It was so nice that they welcomed us as a group and were jazzed that we stopped by!

so many great options at Fantastic Comics!

IMG_7729From being really nervous to really ecstatic in a few hours was a whirlwind but we all had a blast and the turnout was amazing. You think with these things that no one will show up and are always surprised when you’re wrong.

I feel like a lot of the ladies needed this kind of group. Some of us had no friends yet after just moving to town and some just need breaks from working a lot. Geek Girl Brunch is a great community and I honestly can’t wait to start planning the next one!

If you live in the Bay Area and want to be apart of our next brunch, check us out on Facebook (but make sure to sign up here first) to be notified of our next outing!

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