GGB Indy Origin Story

GGB Indy Origin Story


Listen up, true believers: this is an origin story. On August 15, a group of mighty women swarmed Sunset Cafe in Fishers, Indiana for a power brunch of power! Many had met in previous crime fighting excursions, while others secured a new spot within the shining inner circle.

IMG_20150815_111736aCoffee mugs rest atop eye-catching place mats – the lovely Bat Princess Valerie made onomatopoetic wonders that included BAM and ZOOM – and heroic Mad Libs lent themselves to jokes rated M for Mature (but laughed at by E for Everyone). There were hash browns, waffles and justice (though surprisingly no juice-stice).

IMG_20150815_112348aTalk ranged from Squirrel Girl to Jane Austen, from Josie and the Pussycats to a neighbor (supervillain?) in a motorized leisure chair contraption. A warmth permeated the table as even the server wore one of our newly minted buttons and swore to keep our identities secret. She is now our Alfred. She has no idea.

20150824_162406Flashy totes were handed to the group and fizzy ZOTS were consumed. Those not summoned across town rallied at the nearby Sky Zone to trampoline into the heavens. Like true flying, it’s a lot harder than one might think. Foam blocks proved a formidable trap, but with work and heart we escaped unscathed.

11325028_901846726557679_1016050622_nWe made plans for future summits. Ideas from coloring book and graphic novel swaps, brunch pot lucks, My Little Pony concert stalking and nerdy movie sleepovers were bandied like so much clever banter. We will be meeting again soon, as Super Friends do. If you see our signal, be sure to heed the call!

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  • I don’t know what’s cuter, your group or your post! Looks like a great first brunch.

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