GGB NYC- YA Brunch

GGB NYC- YA Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch teamed up with Random House, Book Con and Books of Wonder to bring you The YA Brunch! A celebration of Young Adult Literature and a literal book lovers feast.



Photo by Melissa Grey
Photo by Melissa Grey

A comedy club might seem an interesting, even odd place to host a geek girl brunch, except that…

  1. This particular comedy club is also a restaurant that happens to be known for it’s brunch.
  2. Having a venue equipped with a small stage and mic is perfect for readings!



The great thing about buffets is that you can try a little bit of everything. And when the selection includes both cookie dough pancakes AND pb&j stuffed French Toast… YOU DO. While the food was being eaten faster than the staff could replenish it–we all wanted everything–we still had drinks, swag bags, and the non-comedic-yet-somehow-still-funny stylings of MC Yissel (“OMG they gave me a mic!”) making regular announcements to occupy us.



This was the first time we had special guests attend brunch. And we went all out. Instead of just one… THERE WERE SIX. Six incredibly talented female YA authors joined us that day. Among them friend, GGB Contributor and talent coordinator for the event, if you will, Melissa Grey. Even though we’d celebrated Melissa’s book launch not too long before the event, copies of The Girl at Midnight continued to fly off the BoW table during. It’s a good thing we were already eating because this book will make you hungry. After a short intro to each book by MC Me (hey, it’s Yissel typing), the rest of our amazing roster took the stage in turn:

Zoraida Cordova (The Vicious Deep series), who kicked us off with a mermaid’s tale. If you thought Ariel, The Little Mermaid had Dad issues, we gained perspective after this read.

Danielle Paige (Dorothy Must Die series), who took us to a dark and twisted Oz. Childhood nostalgia and attention to fashion have me in love with this series. I even dressed in an Oz inspired outfit!

Claire Legrand (Winterspell), a thrilling and dramatic YA interpretation of The Nutcracker.

Tiffany Schmidt (Hold Me Like a Breath), who introduced us to the member of a crime family in the black market organ trade. The focus of this retelling of The Princess and the Pea.

Heather Demetrios (Exquisite Captive) who transported us to a world of jinn and magic lamps and wishes… and a fight for freedom.



Swag through the nose. This was the largest gift bag we’ve ever given out. A seriously unprecedented amount of assorted merchandise and other goodness. Thanks in no small part to our incredible and generous gift sponsors: Disney Hyperion, Lionsgate Films and HarperCollins!

Photo by FunnyLttleFrog
Photo by FunnyLttleFrog

One of our most exciting giveaways:  Gwenda Bond’s Lois Lane Fallout

lois lane fallout


Barbara and Leslie won tickets to BookCon and some cool Swag!  Photo by TheBookCon
Barbara and Leslie won tickets to BookCon and some cool Swag!
Photo by TheBookCon


Photo by Melissa Grey
Photo by Melissa Grey

Upon entry, guests were greeted by a most beautiful site: a Books of Wonder pop-up! As if a book buffet of sorts, people kept going back for extra helpings, making purchase after worthy purchase from the curated selection. Made up entirely of books belonging to our special guest authors, the stacks continued to dwindle after the authors took the stage, and shrunk further still during the signings. Our brunchettes walking away with all their summer reading sorted.

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