GGB Montreal – Studio Ghibli Bento Picnic Brunch

GGB Montreal – Studio Ghibli Bento Picnic Brunch

Back in June the Montreal Geek Girl Brunch chapter held their second brunch, this time we decided on a Studio Ghibli theme and decided that a picnic in the fresh air could be a great way to pay homage to Miyazaki’s masterworks. Stretching the theme even further we encouraged brunchettes to bring their own Ghibli themed bento boxes and offered a small prize for the best submission.

As it turns out, the date we picked was actually a pretty busy day for the geeks of Montreal and attendance was pretty sparse. Only one brunchette managed to make a bento box, so she got the prize pack by default. However, Officer Mariko did bring 2 dozen Soot Sprite cupcakes, so everyone was very well fed.

Geek Girl Brunch Montreal Ghibli Picnic 2 Even though it wasn’t super well attended, the weather couldn’t have been better and everyone who did manage to make it had a great time sipping wine spritzers and discussing our favourite Studio Ghibli films.

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  • I love studio Ghibli ( who doesn’t right) these soot cupcakes from spirited away are super cute!

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