GGB Fresno – Jurassic World Brunch

GGB Fresno – Jurassic World Brunch

Location, Location, Location:

Last month’s theme for us Fresno ladies was Jurassic World (Surprise!) and as such we set out to find a great spot that would suit our theme needs.  Julie found a great restaurant aptly named, Fresno Breakfast House and while dinosaurs were not included, it had a jungle vibe that felt right.

It had large palms and plants, exotic animal murals, paired with a quaint styled décor, reminded me of how European explorers maybe dined while on African safari long ago. (It should be noted that my limited understanding of the safari golden age stems from movies, etc. and is likely completely false.) The place was great and offered everything from hotcakes, crepes, chorizo dishes, and several styles of my personal favorite, eggs benedict.

Fresh GGB Faces:

This being our second meeting, and first official brunch, it was great to see some new faces. Surprisingly, none of us had ever been to Fresno Breakfast House and I am happy to report we were all satisfied with our meals.

We had a great time getting to know one another and talking about our nerd fetishes. Julie brought Jurassic World gummies! Once our bellies were full, we headed off to the cinema. Everyone had seen the original Jurassic Park and for a few of us, this was our second viewing of Jurassic World. I guess you could say we liked it.


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