GGB Pensacola Star Wars Brunch!

GGB Pensacola Star Wars Brunch!

Hello Brunchettes!

Sunday June 14 saw the inaugural brunch for Pensacola’s Geek Girl Brunch!

We had brunch at George’s Artisan Bakery & Bistro, who had delicious food and bakery items (Autumn recommends the cheesecake)!

As it was our first brunch, we had fun talking about nerdy things, and having fun coloring Star Wars pages! Also, we were interested in hearing from our attendees what activities they were interested in around town.

Most importantly, we got to know our fellow brunchettes, and find our common fandoms and hobbies. And of course, eat delicious food and drink!


We had a great turn out we think for our first brunch, and look forward to meeting more nerdy ladies in the Pensacola area! It’s always great to get to know other Geek Girls!

20150614_123207 ggb_pensacola

We are planning our next Brunch theme as a celebration for The Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter! Can you believe (were he real) that he’d be 35 this year?!

Stay tuned with us at our Facebook page for more information!

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