GGB Miami: Sherlocked Brunch

GGB Miami: Sherlocked Brunch

Last month, Geek Girl Brunch Miami hosted its second brunch and the ladies chose Sherlock as the theme. The Local House in Miami Beach was nice enough to host our event.

We had some great swag sponsors for our brunch from some of our favorite shops all over the Interwebs.


Stickers & Posters; Coey&Shy
Buttons; SheepyPu
Tees & undies; Jordan Dene
Bookmarks; Just Knotting Around

We even had a special surprise for all our brunchettes: free mini-manicures with Sherlock-themed nail art from Gena of I Heart Nailart!


Overall, it was a really great morning and I absolutely love how much the girls get along!


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