GGB DC- International Lolita Day & DC Harajuku Fashion Walk #1

GGB DC- International Lolita Day & DC Harajuku Fashion Walk #1

International Lolita Day happens to fall in the month of June, so what better theme for our bunch than the long awaited Lolita Fashion bunch? This was a very special brunch, as we were able to combined communities, teaming up with DC Metro Lolitas, to give our brunchettes a very spectacular and exciting day- no really an ENTIRE day! One might say that this was our most popular brunch to date with our highest number of attendees yet!

Brunch at the Old Ebbitt Grill

We decided to change it up a bit and moved out of what had become our usual haunt of Chinatown, and down to the beautiful Victorian-like Old Ebbitt Grill. If you ever had dreams of where you might find a crowd of Lolita having a meet up, this is the place. The outside has accents of gold on the archways of the towering marble structure, huge windows, and even rotating glass and gold doors greet you upon walking up. The atmosphere and decor were a huge part of the overall experience and the Old Ebbitt did not disappoint when it came to food and drink as well. With a varied brunch menu with everything from house made granola with fruit & yogurt to a jumbo lump crab cake plate, it took some of us a lot longer than expected to make a decision!

Of course, along with eats come drinks. Every brunchette found something to satisfy their specific needs, which was wonderful! Some chose delicious lemonade or soda, some stuck to the harder drink choices, and there were those who got tea. One brunchette was even able to us her teapot as a prop when it came time for pictures! How clever?!

Gifts & Coords

2015-06-06 11.59.00 copy2015-06-06 11.23.16 copy

Our gift bags were as sweet as their Lolita counterparts. Our lovely officer, Imani is a queen of all things kawaii, so it made perfect sense for her to design something for this brunch. Each brunchette received a hand drawn thank you that had a small note on how to keep in touch with both GGBDC and Metro Lolitas, respectively. In addition, everyone also receiveda bag of candy from Lolli & Pops with everything from Japanese KitKats to flavored honey sticks.



The Fashion Walk

2015-06-06 16.24.40 copyWhile we asked that the actual brunch remain Lolita only, the after event was opened up to any style of Japanese fashion or if you just wanted to kick it with us in your jeans and a tee.

Once we were all gathered up, DC’s first Harajuku Fashion Walk began with it’s first pit stop being the White House for cute photos. *click click* Our final destination was the Washington Monument and after snapping a few more group photos, we sat down and began our picnic with shared snacks prepared by brunchettes and other attendees.

2015-06-06 15.47.59 copy

Everyone chatted up places to buy things, gave tips, and compliments alike. Newbies and long time J-fashionistas were able to share something new with one another and help foster the kindness in the established community. We all felt beautiful and we all supported one another in our fashion choices. It was wonderful to see the positivity, kindness, and caring that went around that day. It was a gorgeous experience, inside and out.

2015-06-06 16.25.56 copy

So much feedback that we would love to share with you here, so please our photos and a video of the day created by one of DC Metro Lolitas very own! <3


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Stay tuned as our officers are already planning our July brunch. Stop by our Facebook page for info on how you can join us to say happy (early) birthday Harry Potter!

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