Geek Girl Confession: I am a teenybopper at heart!

Geek Girl Confession: I am a teenybopper at heart!

There comes a time when one must confess what they truly feel. And guys, that time is now. The truth of the matter is, I am a teenybopper at heart. Yes, at 33 years of age, I rock out to Fifth Harmony, defend Justin Bieber (hey, he said he was sorry for acting like a douche bag in Miami!) and was tearing up when Zayn Malik left One Direction…why did he have to go?

For me, being young at heart has opened up many doors, for I have made many new friends thanks to this obsession (it is healthy, I swear)…and I am proud to say I am that girl at the Taylor Swift concert excited to see her live. I have dragged friends to Jingle Ball…every year. And then I buy the tee, keychain and iPhone case…all while balancing a cocktail on the other hand, bought from the concession stand after I was stared upon and asked for my form of ID. What, I can’t rock that Ariana Grande, shirt? Come on now…please. Yes I can. This coming from the girl who celebrated said 33rd birthday…with One Direction balloons and a One Direction concert. Boom!


aurora1DWith that said, nothing makes me happier than the Teen Choice Awards, J-14 magazine (for which I am online Spanish editor and writer on weekends) and a nice selection of pop tunes on my iPod. I have always said, if you have a passion, make sure to embrace it and always be yourself. I have always said, there’s no reason to hide your fandom…one should always be proud of who they are, what they love and what makes them tick. In the end, isn’t that what being a proud geek girl is all about?

So ladies, what fandom do you support the most? What makes you squeal the loudest? Make sure to tweet at me with your responses at @AuroraMiami and don’t be shy…we all have geeky passions to be proud of at heart. Fandoms unite! And remember…nothing is prettier than a girl who is shining brightly being herself.

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