GGB Los Angeles – Free Comic Book Day

GGB Los Angeles – Free Comic Book Day
With Avengers: Age of Ultron opening the day before our brunch, we decided to go with a Marvel theme. It was just an added bonus that it was also Free Comic Book Day as well! We had a marvelous brunch at Panera Bread in Studio City. Our member Veronica of Weird Life of V was kind enough to provide some Marvel masks for us (which a few now hang in my office).
Brunch topics ranged from cosplay ideas for Comic Con to Marvel speculation (without spoilers of course!) After brunch we headed to Comic Smash for our free comic books! A few of us had to answer Doctor Who related questions to even get a comic. But of course we knew all the answers so it was no big challenge 😉
We saw this cheeky Whedon comic that we all thought was pretty hilarious! They also had an amazing painting of Heath Ledger’s Joker hanging up in the store. All in all it was a pretty darn good brunch! Looking forward to June’s LA brunch!

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