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Meet Our Officers!



Stephie does stuff and things. You never really know what she’s up too. You’ll have to ask her pets. They dictated this bio. And they’re always watching. 

Top 5 Geek-Outs: Cats and Critters, Video Games, Art, STEM, SciFi/Fantasy

Favorite Brunch Drink: Sugar

The one nerd I’d be stuck on a desert island with for all eternity (if need be):    A masseuse or clean water…I’m practical sometimes. 

Follow Me: No thank you. 



Melissa loves to travel and hopes to see the world one day. Though not geeky related, music (especially metal) is her escape. She has two cats, with two very different personalities. She loves trivia and is a wealth of stupid random facts! 

Top 5 Geek-Outs: Board games, Travel, Harry Potter, Cats, Ghosts n at

Favorite Brunch Drink: A good craft beer.

The one nerd I’d be stuck on a desert island with for all eternity (if need be): Corey Taylor, but for those who don’t know who that is- Chris Hardwick and Will Wheaton are next choice.

Follow Me: At this time no follows…but maybe down the road once I get life in order. 


Katie Dee

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Katie Dee is a Pittsburgh native and lifelong songwriter and musician! her current musical project is the Gothic Americana act Katie Dee & The Quaking Aspens. when not traveling the world (23 countries and counting!), she works as a children’s librarian. she speaks fluent German and a little Esperanto. she probably belongs in the Victorian era but is glad to be brunching with all of you in the 21st century. this is a photo of her in girl form, but she is actually a selkie! if you become friends with her, you may get to visit her undersea home.

Top 5 Geek-Outs: Sherlock Holmes, Cthulhu mythos, The Mighty Boosh, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, K-Pop

Favorite Brunch Drink: Black coffee and/or an Aperol Spritz

The one nerd I’d be stuck on a desert island with for all eternity (if need be): Jon Snow! he is a trained warrrior, survivalist, emo kid, and has a cute dog!

Follow Me:  Instagram @flos_lunae (personal) @the_quaking_aspens (musical) || Twitter: @katie_dee


Jamie’s day job is at an office desk dealing with lots of boring paperwork…but it’s how she spends her free time that the geek inside shines. She is a lover of social media, pop culture, and the utter nonsense of life. Seeing live music and reading good books are her favorite extracurricular activities as well.

Top 5 Geek-Outs: Fantasy books, Art, Jurassic Park, My Favorite Murder, and raccoons….do raccoons count? They do now.

Favorite Brunch Drink: Coffee is my go-to, but if I want to spice it up I lean towards something in the Sangria family.

The one nerd I’d be stuck on a desert island with for all eternity (if need be): Dr. Alan Grant, for sure. He survived both Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. I think I’d be in good hands.

Follow Me: Instagram @DarjeelingJim || Twitter @DarjeelingJim

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