GGB Leeds: American Revolution (US vs UK)

GGB Leeds: American Revolution (US vs UK)


Whilst our fellow Brunchettes in Pittsburgh celebrated their “British Invasion”, we geeky ladies of Leeds got together in June for an “American Revolution” – an event that marked the culmination of a Transatlantic collaboration (“US vs UK”) between the two chapters.

Our chosen venue was Frankie & Benny’s – a chain restaurant known for Italian-American cuisine, and its all-American style breakfasts. We went all-out on the decorations, draping the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes all about the place, and adorning the tables with even more little flags and play-money $10 bills (which sadly lacked Alexander Hamilton).


As the Brunchettes tucked into their various delicious breakfasts – which included pancakes, smashed avocado and stacker sandwiches – we all took part in a quiz on Pittsburghese slang, kindly provided to us by our partner chapter. We were struck by how certain terms bore a strong resemblance to our own Yorkshire dialect, and our lucky winner (who got every answer right!) received a book of Pittsburgh slang for her efforts.

Yet the fun didn’t stop there! Pittsburgh were also kind enough to send us a box of sweet and savoury treats, which we all shared and enjoyed. (The pizza pretzel snacks, in particular, gathered a lot of interest, as they were very much a novelty!)

We also held a lucky dip for some special USA and UK themed prizes, and had a book swap, which was accompanied by donations to The Book Bus as part of our #GGBDoBetter fundraising. Lastly, we rounded up the day with another trip around the geeky hotspots of Leeds – which is becoming something of a tradition for us!



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It was a brilliant day, the Leeds Brunchettes loved it, and we thank GGB Pittsburgh for their help and generosity. May your Invasion go as well as our Revolution!

(Oh, and thanks for the Terrible Towel!)


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