Gainesville Chapter Blooms This Spring

Gainesville Chapter Blooms This Spring

We have had an explosive beginning to the year! Brunches and book club going so strong that we brought back ladies board game night! We’ve survived tech issues and found great gems of spots, books and people <3

so far this year we have tried

Alpine BistroA must pass for groups but we survived!
Local ProvisionsNew favorite that we will be returning to for our big Halloween event
Blue AgaveGreat and surprise had a Turkish new year festival going on next door we explored
Mini MomoFun tasty Korean fusion spot with great drink options

Book club had its second vote and plan night and chugging along check out here for the spread sheet of what we have read and will read! along with a master list of book suggestions submitted by members

Stay tuned as we possibly sign up for next years Mud Run!!!

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