Our Flag Means Board Games… or does it?

Our Flag Means Board Games… or does it?

Geek Girl Brunch Philadelphia sure knows how to weather a storm, as this month’s brunch showed us for sure. Thee original plan was to head to The Board and Brew in University City, however when we got there we were surprised to find the kitchen closed due to staff shortages.

While we were understandably disappointed, our hunger outweighed our love of board games in this instance and we pivoted to a restaurant across the street. Many thanks go out to Co-Op for accommodating our large group at the last minute. It was a new restaurant for GGB Philly, but we were so happy with the impeccable service and stellar food.

We celebrated our Pirate theme with tattoos, stickers, and fun raffle prizes. We chatted about our favorite pirate movies and shows, and gave recommendations on other shows we’ve been binging lately.

Everyone is looking forward to our brunch next month, which will be Tim Burton themed!

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