Color Me Brunch!

Color Me Brunch!

Our September brunch was inspired by the color party trend on TikTok.  We invited our brunchettes to dress in a single color and bring a candy or snack in that color.  Our attendees did not disappoint!  We were definitely a rainbow of colors having brunch at Foxy’s Restaurant on a warm sunny day in Glendale.

A collage of women posing with bags of candy.
Colorful Brunchettes posing with their color-coordinated snacks
A stuffed dragon sits among a pile of candy.
A dragon gifted at a previous brunch with his snack hoard

Foxy’s Restaurant is a very popular spot for a weekend brunch, and they don’t take reservations.  We didn’t mind the wait, and we had fun taking photos and chatting outside while we waited for our table.  Foxy’s has a ski chalet vibe to it complete with fireplace and A-frame roof.  We loved the exposed wood beams, the light fixtures, and even these adorable geese tucked away on a high shelf.  They even have toasters at some of the booths so you can toast your own bread, but our party was too large for a booth so we couldn’t try it out. 

We ordered our drinks and exchanged the candy and snacks each of us brought while we waited to order our food.  Once we placed our food orders, we chatted about the Disney character we most wanted to have brunch with, which provided a lot of fun when it veered into the Disney characters we have or have had crushes on (Shang from the animated Mulan movie, anyone?)

  • Selfie photo of a group of several women
  • Tall lamp with small decorative lightbulbs to look like leaves.
  • Wooden Geese and a chicken sit upon a high shelf
  • French toast topped with chocolate chips and banana slices
  • Scrambled eggs with lox and cut fresh fruit
  • Scrambled eggs, French toast and bacon.
  • Several women sitting around a table inside a restaurant.

The food at Foxy’s was great, very reasonably priced, and the service was exceptional.  Our drinks were frequently refilled without our having to ask or even notice it had been done.  There was an optional meetup after brunch for author, Kevin Hearne’s appearance at the Barnes & Noble at the Glendale Americana which was located across the street from Foxy’s Restaurant.  This event, and the long lines of people waiting to be seated, led us to shorten the brunch slightly, but not before we asked our server if she would take a group photo for us.  She happily obliged and snapped a few photos for us just before we paid our bill. 

The Selfish Side Quest by Toni:

We continue to add side quests to the main brunches with this brunch’s being an admittedly selfish one. GGBLA Officer Toni pretty much engineered the whole brunch to coincide with an author signing at the local Barnes and Noble. The author that helped spurned this selfish quest was urban fantasy writer, Kevin Hearne.

GGBLA Leader Toni fangirling after meeting Kevin Hearne

Kevin Hearne is known for his Iron Druid Chronicles starring Atticus O’Sullivan over a 2000 years old and his awesome Irish Wolfhound, Oberon. Atticus has been in hiding for centuries since he took something very, very powerful. Life has been cautiously great until he’s been found.

Hearne has been such a strong fan favorite, that his series has been re-issued with added bonus features. Seated in front of the open windows of Barnes and Noble overlooking the dancing fountain, fans of the Iron Druid series happily sat to enjoy the fun experience of a Hearne author meetup. There were snippets from the new religion established by Oberon called Poochism read out loud, an update on what was new, and hearing his dedication to learning Irish lore.

Since this was a selfish side quest, it was completely optional. Since the brunch was held across the street from the Americana at Brand in Glendale, there were still other things to do. The Americana is a place to shop, eat, and for great people watching. Window shopping is such a great way to bond and see where our common interests lie. We found a quaint little bread store where a mint lemonade was quickly obtained. Sometimes the weirdest things pop up that become great conversation starters. Like seeing how Cadillac had their own retail spot to feature their personal drone, looking like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Cadillac’s Personal drone. Would you ride in it?

Most of the brunchettes opted to go home, though some joined for some window shopping before the signing, and only one other brunchette was curious to attend the signing. The charming nature of Hearne immediately encouraged the curious brunchette to check out more of his works.

It was a selfish side quest but it yielded charming and unique memories. Looking forward to more adventures at the next brunch!

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