Ladies Celebrating Ladies (and brunch!) in Portland

Ladies Celebrating Ladies (and brunch!) in Portland

Is there any better way to kick off a month than with your favorite geeky gal pals? We don’t think so! Portland threw an early Galentine’s brunch for February where we gushed about our favorite episodes of Parks and Recreation and found out how far everyone had gotten through the show. Surprisingly, more than a few of us were watching for the first time.

Our officers treated our wonderful Brunchettes to some fun goodies, including mini nail polishes to pamper themselves, stickers (because YES!), fruity pens (for all the Valentine letters they probably were sending later), and some fancy chocolates (treat yoself!). One of our regular Brunchettes was extra amazing and also gifted everyone a Valentine’s bookmark, pizza erasers, and some sweet dinosaurs (rawr!). Our ladies are the best!

One of our officers made a shirt for the occasion and other ladies wore Valentine colors and other holiday attire. Did we mention how cool our friends are?

The Leaky Roof was kind enough to open up their all dining room to a dozen of us to nosh and dish. Not only was the food outstanding, but it was also super pretty. Some favorites were the potato cakes and the huevos rancheros. The drinks were strong, so you definitely get your money’s worth. We hope to return to try more things and thank the Leaky Roof staff for being so awesome and accommodating in their cozy gastropub.

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