GGB Portland’s Kaiju Brunch

GGB Portland’s Kaiju Brunch

March brought our Portland brunchettes together to celebrate all things Kaiju, including Godzilla, Mothra and King Kong, and other lesser known kaiju, like Onibaba from Pacific Rim. Turns out we have quite a few ladies who love strange beasts.

Our brunch was hosted by the very cool Vagabond Brewery off of Powell. We had the whole upstairs to ourselves to spread out, play games, chat, and admire their full-size airplane inside the restaurant.

While we waited for our food to be delivered, we had some kaiju stickers and one of our lovely brunchettes, Angelique, who is a fantastic artist, brought hand-drawn cards with King Kong and Godzilla on them. They’re beautiful and we all took one home.

Several ladies that are part of a Lolita group came dressed to the nines, making us so happy we have these awesome ladies in our friend group, because we all love cosplay and dress-up of all kinds. So pretty!

While we all enjoyed our delicious brunch, our lovely officer Lisa created a great game of Kaiju bingo that everyone was excited to play. Our winner took home a gorgeous Wonder Woman mug in celebration of International Woman’s Day.

Thanks to all the lovely brunchettes who came and talked Kaiju with us! We can’t wait for next month!

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