Geek Girl Brunch Gainesville Plays Pokémon

Geek Girl Brunch Gainesville Plays Pokémon

Gainesville’s Pokémon Brunch

Gainesville brunchettes tried to “catch em’ all” for their February meetup. It was a Pokémon-themed celebration! They met at Maple Street Biscuit Company, a popular restaurant known for their biscuit sandwiches and gravy.

There was a mix of Geek Girl Brunch veterans and first time brunchers. Pokémon really brings geeks together. Many brunchettes play Pokémon games, collect Pokémon playing cards, and are fans of Pokémon television shows and movies.

Everyone had a favorite pocket monster, but we all agreed that cute Pokémon are the best.

Pokémon Go, a mobile augmented reality game where you can catch your own pocket monsters, was a popular topic of discussion. In fact, a community day event was happening the same day as brunch. Friend codes were exchanged and many Rhyhorns were caught!

Check out this swag!

The swag for this brunch was something special. Instead of the usual goodie bag, Officers Emily and Megan procured Pikachu power banks and Pokémon fruit gummies for everyone.

Next month’s theme is space epics, and GGB Gainesville hopes to see you there!

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