Dragons in January

Dragons in January

There are so many dragons in the nerdy world. Daenerys’ Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. The gold-loving, mountain-living Smaug from the Hobbit universe. Toothless, the feisty, funny, and dangerous Night Fury. And Norbert, the dragon that began the adventures of Harry Potter!

DC Geek Girl Brunch spent a wintery January morning at Ambar, ready to discuss their favorite scaly fictitious creatures. A little word about Ambar’s brunch – it’s unlimited!! We sat around and chatted while food just kept magically appearing on our tables! It was as if we were in our own Great Hall!

While the food was devoured and the mimosas were sipped, we had the chance to meet several new ladies. We had an incredible time talking about our home states, our favorite shows to binge (The Witcher is pretty popular!), and how long we have been in the area.

Officer Jill skillfully sewed a Peek-a-Boo bag in the most adorable dragon fabric as our raffle giveaway. It was so cute and all the ladies wanted to win!

The Ambar restaurant was definitely a hit with the chapter. They have several locations all around the DC area, so we will probably end up at one of them again!

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