Rennervate DC

Rennervate DC

Welcome back, DC geekettes! After a long hiatus in events, the DC chapter charged up it’s batteries and relaunched with the Rennervate Brunch. We made our initial brunch a Harry Potter themed event, mainly for the draw that the wizarding world has on the geeks. Even if you’re a muggle, you can’t help but love at least one aspect of Harry’s magical world. Some love the story, or the strong characters, or the sorting, or even the music. It definitely has a little something for everyone!

We held the event at CIRCA in Arlington, a lovely restaurant with the perfect view of the busy streets. Bellini’s, mimosas, and strong coffee graced our table as the members chatted about their favorite characters from Harry Potter. The food was excellent! In between debates over our fandoms we devoured eggs benedict, fancy burgers, and fried calamari.

Officers Jill and Casey (YES! Reunited from the Emerald Coast Chapter) spent some time creating amazing swag to give away for this first brunch. There were hand dyed bags with beautiful Harry Potter graphics, golden snitch chocolates, and a set of greeting cards for the holiday season.

Thank you to Send Me Instead for donating the pack of greeting cards, they’re all handmade and so cute!

While our relaunch brunch was not the large gathering we anticipated, we had a wonderful time meeting new Brunchettes, chatting over future plans, and laying the foundation for more events to come! Star Wars is next on our agenda, just in time for the movie to hit the theaters. We’re sure the theories will be flying across the table. (I’ll be sure to throw up some Vulcan gang signs and praise the talents of John Williams, just to fit in with those Star Wars lovers!)

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