We’re in the Endgame Now: GGB Baltimore Assemble!

We’re in the Endgame Now: GGB Baltimore Assemble!

For the month of April, the lovely ladies of GGB Baltimore had their own Avengers Assemble moment by completely switching up brunch. Instead of meeting during the day, the ladies made their way to Cinebistro in downtown Baltimore for dinner and a show to celebrate the conclusion of the 11 year storyline of the MCU. Seeing as this officer saw the movie opening night the Thursday before we met up, drinking before-hand was very much needed.

Unfortunately not too much was discussed this time around due to only being able to meet at the bar beforehand and then we all went into the movie theater to sit down for dinner and seeing how tickets were selling out fast, most of us were unable to sit together in the theater, almost like a free for all, get where you can.

After the movie, we had a little bit of a meet up after, if anything to see how much the movie pretty much wrecked everyone and caused all the feels. I will say it was just as powerful the second time around, though this officer didn’t completely lose her composure like she did the first time she saw it.

We did have a brunch planned for May, but due to work schedules and how busy the officer team has been lately we will be cancelling this month’s brunch but we will be back in force for June! The planned theme is Disney/Pixar theme in celebration of the ending of Toy Story as well as the live action release of Lion King, both of which are sure to knock us in the feels. We look forward to seeing you on June 22nd at the Ampersea in Fells Point at 11:00am! We are hoping to be able to sit outside that day since it is a beautiful area. See you all in June!

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