Wanna Play a Game?

Wanna Play a Game?

We Love Gaming Brunch  

  It’s no secret that us geeky ladies love our video games!  From World of Warcraft to Red Dead Redemption, From OG Sonic the Hedgehog to the entire Mario Bros line, from Zelda to Kingdom Hearts, it’s very obvious that this fandom runs deep.  Our lovely ladies of GGB StL Metro gathered together in May to celebrate the gaming lifestyle and all video games, past and present.  

     Brunch was held at 4204-Main Street Brewing Company.  4204 serves handcrafted beer and they have a wide variety of pub style food on their menu.  Their beers are brewed in house and feature a good variety of styles and even a few seasonal beers that were sampled by many of our brunchettes.  Popular across the table were many of 4204’s mixed drinks that were almost too pretty to drink.  Some of the popular food items around the table were fried pickles, nachos, and Bavarian pretzels with beer cheese.  

     We had a variety of swag that we raffled that included some adorable gaming themed art crafted by one of our very own talented ladies; hair scrunchies, headbands, and key chains that were also crafted by one of our very own talented ladies, a Pokemon pint glass, a Kingdom Hearts mug, and various gamin themed items like journals, stickers, and figurines.   

     We made some big announcements like the fact that we are once again participating in the amazing Geek Craft Expo this summer, where we get a lot of exposure to our local community, get to network with some amazing crafters (while also getting to shop from some amazingly talented crafters), and get to recruit some amazing new ladies while growing our geeky little chapter.  We also had to announce that our FANTABULOUS officer Elexis will be transitioning out as she starts her new journey in a new state way too far away from us for our comfort.  We are going to miss her dearly, but wish her all the luck.  

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