GGB Pittsburgh’s Turtles in a Half Shell Pizza Party

GGB Pittsburgh’s Turtles in a Half Shell Pizza Party

So many of us have fond memories of the ’90s and of this amazing franchise that dominated our Saturday mornings and made us yell “It’s turtle time!” and “Cowabunga!” on the playground. Individual feelings about the reboot aside, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles remains one of our favorite TV shows and films of all time. To revel in this love, we decided to crawl into the sewers of Pittsburgh and snag some ‘za. Ok, maybe we didn’t actually crawl into the sewers, but instead we opted for some of the best pizza in our fair city at Caliente Pizza and Draft House in Bloomfield.

Brunchettes got TMNT masks to help everyone get into character, and classic childhood favorite goodies like slap bracelets, stickers, and fun dip were plentiful. As per usual, we had a fun raffle with all kinds of turtle goodies.

The pizza was amazing, as it always is at Caliente. The incredible Pittsburgh-themed chalk art that adorns the walls inside and the warm and welcoming atmosphere put everyone in a great mood. And while it was a rather rainy day, we felt less like we were in a drippy sewer and more like we were among great friends in our favorite city!

Thank you to Caliente Pizza and Draft House, to GGB HQ, to all our Brunchettes, and to the beautiful city of Pittsburgh!

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