Society Needs Antiheroes

Society Needs Antiheroes

  In a world filled with superheroes and villains, there are the few that toe the line between right and wrong.  Those few are known as our amazing, charismatic, and sassy Antiheroes.  GGB StL Metro gathered together on this gloomy day to celebrate their favorites.  Many brunchette’s showed up sporting Deadpool gear, while others showed their support of Harley Quinn, X-Men, and even Lady Olenna.  Leading up to brunch, we all shared who our favorite Antiheroes were and listened to our Antihero themed playlist filled full of the music from all of our favorite Antihero shows and movies. 

     Brunch was held at Tapped in St. Louis and their menu was filled with some amazing food and 48 Self Pour taps that consisted of local beers, wine, and even cold brew coffee.  We all got to wear these neat little wrist bands that kept track of all of our beverage pours, making things super easy.  Fresh made calzones and pizzas were popular among the brunchettes as was the pastrami sandwich.  The taps were available for each member to self pour the amount that they wanted, while only being charged for the amount of ounces they poured themselves.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the concept, the atmosphere, and all the food and drinks.  

     Though not Antihero related, we all also took advantage of our location and stocked up on spell energy, collected ingredients for our vaults, and overpowered confoundables while we were in the area.  Wizards Unite was a very popular topic and activity during brunch.  Many of our ladies were already playing, while others didn’t know it existed but quickly downloaded it to join in on the fun.  Plus, who doesn’t love ALL things Harry Potter?

     For our Antihero brunch, we were fortunate enough to receive swag from Espionage Cosmetics, More Me Know, and purchased a few other geeky items to raffle off to every member in attendance.  We had 2 different adorable masked nail wraps, Supernatural’s Rowena enamel pens, a Deadpool Funko key chain, a mystery mini Funko figure, and a punisher mug. We always love when everyone gets something.

     In both happy and sad news, we announced our 2 new officers that we are bringing on board as our amazing Elexis transitions out and prepares for her move.  We are excited to see what 2 new people can bring to the GGB table, while being equally saddened by the loss of one of our ladies.  We wish her the best and hope that she’s able to find a GGB chapter in her future location.

For our local brunchettes, be on the lookout for our clues for next month’s brunch theme.  We think you all might be excited for this one!

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