Sailor Seattle Brunch!!

Last weekend, Seattle hosted a wonderful celebration of Sailor Moon, and in honor of our favorite meatball head, GGB Seattle held a Sailor Moon-themed brunch! We met up at the Chihuly Gardens Collections Café for tasty food and wonderful brunch cocktails. The café was full of funky decorations, and each table had a display case inside, which made for interesting conversation in between Sailor Moon chat.


While we waited for food, we kept ourselves entertained with Sailor Moon coloring pages, Sailor Moon trivia (did you know Usagi’s brother is named Shingo? Of course you knew, but did you remember?), and adorable Sailor Moon journals (made by GGB Seattle officer, Heidi)! The winner of Sailor Moon trivia took home a cute “hello gorgeous” mug, also made by Heidi!

After the brunch, several brunchettes headed over to Sailor Moon Day. The crowd for the event was larger than the organizers expected, so the venue was a bit crowded, and the people who tried to buy tickets that day weren’t able to get in. But we heard from a few people who did make it inside that there were great vendors and activities inside!

The brunch location was also near the Museum of Pop Culture, which currently has exhibits for David Bowie, Jim Henson, Star Trek, and Indie Games! A few brunchettes walked around the MoPOP for a few hours after lunch, taking in all the beautifully nerdy sights. If you’re in the Seattle area, you definitely need to check it out!

We had a wonderful brunch, and we had plenty of newbies show up to join the Sailor festivities.

Who’s your favorite sailor senshi?

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