GGB Twin Cities: Pokemon Go Picnic

600_453140026On a perfect 70° Minnesota day with a clear blue sky, fifteen of the very best, like no one ever was, Twin Cities brunchettes embarked on a real test where training them was their cause. Local rumors of a Vulpix haven at Silverwood Park drew the brunchettes. Indeed, several minutes upon arrival the much sought after Vulpix appeared on their smartphone screens. Pokémon!

On a Pokéstop covered island in the middle of the park brimming with fellow trainers, the brunchettes claimed a picnic table as their own. The local gym switched colors every few minutes, and yet the mood was light and the conversation easy.

600_453139098Around a table laden with Poké pizzas, cupcakes, and many delicious dishes the trainers  exchanged tips and tricks. The uninitiated were initiated, and benefited from the experience of veterans (aka, started out with a Pikachu!). Pink lures were set on nearby Poké stops, and soon the only looming crisis was shortage of Pokéballs.

After filling their stomachs and their bags, hunting packs were formed to track down enough Vulpix to evolve one into a Ninetails. Of course there were plenty of other Pokémon swimming around too…

600_453140053.jpegAfter three hours of hiking around the park and catching over fifty Pokémon, each brunchette returned home satisfied that a beautiful summer afternoon was well spent. Good company, good food, and plenty of Pokémon – that’s what Geek Girl Brunch is all about. Until next time! Want to be a part of Geek Girl Brunch Twin Cities  RSVP on


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