GGB Reno’s “J.R.R Tolkien June” Brunch Recap

GGB Reno’s “J.R.R Tolkien June” Brunch Recap
Time for Elevenses!

Reno brunchettes met up at Mimi’s Cafe for our June Tolkien– themed brunch, and geeked out over our favorite Tolkien stories and characters.

Michelle and Dana win the
Sauron Pop! and Evenstar

We hadn’t seen Michelle for a while, and we were excited that she brought a friend, Dana, another first time brunchette! Amazingly, both went home with prizes from the trivia quiz!

Danielle loves Smaug, but Snala’s favorite is Legolas

Danielle and first-time brunchette, Snala, just couldn’t get into the Lord of the Rings books, but they love the movies!

Welcome to GGB
officer-dom, Z!

Beth remembers the cartoon movie of The Hobbit from the 70s, and had an inventive way of reading the books – she started with the last chapter, then the second to last, and so on. Once she got further backwards into the book, she started from the beginning!

New officer Anzia (YAY!) Also loves Legolas, and loves that Tolkien is one of her husband’s “favorite dead authors.” She also won a notecard set!

Kayla won the “best food and drink selection” of the event for her Mimosa and Steak & Eggs. She also proved a huge Tolkien fan – as one of the few of us who actually read The Silmarillion. She loves Legolas as well as Merry & Pippin’s friendship.

Jan wins LOTR Pez!

Jan grew up loving the book The Hobbit, and even read it to her daughter, Vanessa (also present for brunch!), when she was young. She was shocked no one mentioned the true hero of The Lord of the Rings – Samwise Gamgee! She also praised Howard Shore’s beautiful score as one of the best in film history.

Elven-haired Vanessa, Chenetta, and first time brunchette Jennie

Jennie, also a first time brunchette, first got into the books in middle school, and loves the friendship dynamics like Merry & Pippin and Legolas & Gimli. Chenetta loves the book The Hobbit but not the films, and feels the exact opposite about The Lord of the Rings! She also has a soft spot for Smeagol. Vanessa loves the LOTR books and films, but really isn’t a fan of either the book or films of The Hobbit. Her favorite character is Eowyn, for being such a badass female warrior at a time when there weren’t too many on screen. The line “I am no man” gives her chills!

This was Lindsay’s last brunch with GGB Reno, since she’s leaving town. She is a rare fan of watching movies first before reading the books so she has no preconceived notions going in. She especially loves Bilbo Baggins, and also went home with a trivia prize!  

We will miss you, Lindsay!!
Frodo lives!

Erika proved to be an uberfan of Tolkien, having been raised on his works. She owns (and has read!) all the books, maps, and compendiums, and believes that Sam is the true hero of the LOTR series! She reads the books FOUR TIMES A YEAR!!! Of course, she won a prize in the trivia quiz, going home with a Frodo lunch box that we all decided must become her “Halfling’s Leaf” tea box.

After some random tangents, including horror movies…then breastfeeding rights (a natural progression, of course), we ended brunch, looking ahead to next month’s Game of Thrones July.

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