GGB Los Angeles: Love for Lady Heroes and Asian Pop Culture

GGB Los Angeles: Love for Lady Heroes and Asian Pop Culture

Los Angeles: the city of so much happening. This will be an article bursting with geek girl brunch playback!

March 2019: Lady Heroes Brunch

March 2019 @ Jist Cafe

March was a celebration of the lady heroes, whether it was fictional and rooted in reality. A slight nod to the Captain Marvel movie that was releasing during that time, we still wanted to open it up for interpretation.

To celebrate the theme, Officer Toni created hand painted capes with the Geek Girl Brunch logo on the back. They were all surprising easy and quick to make on plastic tablecloths. The members all had a blast with photos afterwards!

The brunch was held at Jist, a cafe in Little Tokyo. The food is a Delicious fusion of Asian and american breakfast staples. One of the items ordered was the omiruce, a Japanese egg dish where the it’s kind of like a reverse omelet: the rice surrounds the contents and there’s a bit of ketchup. It was a seriously filling and satisfying brunch item. Plus, their peach mimosa was great alternate to regular mimosas. Absolutely delicious, service was a great, and it was a perfect atmosphere to relax and geek out.

It was no surprise that some of the member came in representing Captain Marvel. There was also theater nods and Moana references. We had local bestselling author, Angel Payne, on hold to provide complimentary copies of her erotic/hero novel: BOLT.

Best-selling author, Angel Payne everybody!

May 2019: Sakura Morning

May’s theme was a selected choice from a random pool of GGBLA selections. We have so many unique selections but the best fitting one for Asian American Pacific Heritage month was: Sakura Mornings, a celebration of all things Asian Pop Culture. This included anime, dramas, kpop, etc.

Through a happy mistake on the GGBLA Officer’s parts, we end up a very trendy, crowded, but delicious brunch hot spot: Birds Nest Cafe in Central LA. The mistake came in not realizing that there TWO locations and the original destination choice was the one in DTLA! There was a lack of parking space but luckily all of the brunch members were able to find spots in time. Due to stellar reputation of the cafe, the place was continually crowded with lines out out the door. We managed to snag a long table in the corner which made for a tight space but it was cozy and crackling with energy. We could stop tripping over selves trading thoughts on Avengers Endgame.

Can you spot all of the references?

We were all decked out wearing pieces showing off our various loves of Asian Pop Culture: Super Mario Brothers, Mulan, Sailor Moon, Studio Ghibli, and even a kawaii cat paw glass. In between tidbits of Endgame, we talked about our love of Final Fantasy. Even though many of us were having a rough time in our personal lives, the constant chatter and laughter was an uplifting distraction. And the food….ooooh, the food was scrumptious and beautifully presented with a little flower. There is a very definite reason that this place is such a popular brunch spot. We found it even more impressive that staff was cool and chill while serving the crowds. Mega five stars and beyond!

May 2019: Sakura Mornings @ Birds Nest Cafe

The times are trying and it can be so suffocating. So moments like when we get to let loose, eat great food, and laugh is what makes it work organizing these brunches.

It is Los Angeles, summer is coming, and the beaches are calling. Shoudn’t be too hard to guess where the next brunch is headed…

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