GGB Kaiserslautern – Relaunch Brunch

The Kaiserslautern Chapter had their first brunch since their hiatus.

The Ladies met at Kullmann’s Diner downtown, where they also had their first ever brunch a few years ago. The theme was “Show Us Your Fandom”- allowing the ladies to get to know each other. Sadly, it was only a small brunch, with brunchettes not being able to make it but it was still a great morning!

All of the Brunchettes that were there had something to represent their fandoms, even one crafty lady had made her own Harry Potter dress!
The morning was filled with awesome American style food and talk of everyones favourite shows, books and other geeky interests.

The Kaiserslautern chapter hopes that their next brunch will have an even bigger turn out, bringing together ladies from the American and German communities.


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