Because Period Dramas are Life

Because Period Dramas are Life

The GGB StL Metro ladies have a love for period dramas that cannot be matched. The Crown, Poldark, Pride and Prejudice (really anything Jane Austen), Downton Abbey, and Outlander are all topics that pop up regularly amongst our chapter.  As a group of geeky ladies, we are obsessed with topics like history, historical fictions, reading, and tv shows that address our fandoms in general. All of these tend to have a stake in the period drama category.

     For our Friday night brunch in April, we all went to one of our favorite repeat locations, John D. McGurks.  McGurk’s menu catered well to this theme and everything that was ordered came out absolutely amazing!  It also helped that we were given a room of our own with our own bartenders/servers to take care of us for the night.  Some of the more popular items with our brunchettes included the fish and chips, both the Guinness and the Irish stews, and the Russel Street Rueben sandwich.  McGurks caters to a need for comfort food from another time.

     For swag, each brunchette left with a collection of teas (though some drank them at the restaurant who happily supplied our members with mugs of hot water) and we raffled of a  variety of items to our wonderfully geeky ladies.  3 of our ladies left with some beautiful Gilmore Girls inspired nail polishes, 4 took home some amazing Shiro Cosmetics lip stains, 4 lucked out with some awesome Bésame powder, 4 ladies snagged some super cute book marks, 1 lucky gal left with a Book Beau, and 1 received an amazing canvas painting that was done by one of our very own talented ladies to fit the theme.  

     This brunch was way too much fun for all of the attendees.  Though some ladies trickled out a little earlier than the rest, many of us stayed til the late hours of the night having great conversations, laughs, and sharing enough stories and geekiness to last a lifetime.  In the end, isn’t that what Geek Girl Brunch is about?  Making some amazing geeky friends who share your same interest?

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