GGB San Antonio’s December Brunchmas 2018!

GGB San Antonio’s December Brunchmas 2018!

This time of year is all about the holidays. It’s crazy and hectic and there is never enough time, but the chaos is balanced by the spirit of fellowship and unity, and spending time with loved ones. As such, we thought we’d start our own tradition – Brunchmas!

Our gathering took place at The Well on UTSA Boulevard. It was a quiet day for the establishment, meaning we had the place nearly to ourselves. The service was good, and the mimosas were great!

After spending a little time catching up with one another and getting our food and drink orders in, we began the time-honored tradition that is the White Elephant Game.

One at a time, the girls choose a present, but we were all warned not to get attached to anything – and with good reason. Most gifts were purloined at least once and by the end of the game, about a third of them had been locked. If you’ve ever been part of a White Elephant Game for work or school, you know how it goes, but being part of a GGB game where nearly all the gifts represent a fandom that you love was that much more fun!

Below are pictures of what our girls ended up taking home. Hearts were broken, tears were shed (not literally), but at the end of the day, everyone came away with an amazing gift.


After we all settled and started showing off our gifts, we played a round of One Night Ultimate Werewolf – something that the recipient appreciated since she had no idea how to play the game.

Of course, no brunch is ever complete without the grab bags. We had ornaments and notebooks and body lotions this time around. Samples can be seen below:

The mimosas continued to flow as did the conversations – everything from holiday gatherings to plans for the next year. This is what makes our group so special; we’re all friends. More than that – we’re FAMILY! And with that said, from our family to yours, dear lovelies, may this season bring you joy and warmth. Whether you celebrate Yule or Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or nothing at all, we wish you all a wonderful season and look forward to seeing you next year!

For more pictures from this event and others, please visit our Facebook Albums!


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