Geek Girl Brunch Gainesville Parties With Aliens

Geek Girl Brunch Gainesville Parties With Aliens

Gainesville’s Alien Brunch

This month, Gainesville’s brunchettes met at local institution Boca Fiesta for our second brunch meet up. September’s theme was aliens, and brunchettes were instructed to bust out their tinfoil hats and reach for the stars. From the Alien movies, to X-files, to Toy Story’s little green dudes that worship The Claw, we wanted to believe!

Everyone’s outfits were out-of-this-world! Aliens can be cute, mysterious, gross and everything in-between, and Gainesville’s brunchettes represented them all. Stitch, Mork, Star Trek officers and a classic Roswell grey were all in attendance.

There were several new faces at the alien brunch, with five new brunchettes joining us in September. Brunchettes got to know each other over breakfast burritos and empanadas. A few Gainesville members talked about LARPing experiences, while others connected via Pokémon Go. Quite a few discovered they shared a love of crafting.

The swag bags were outfitted with alien goodies, including: rubber duckies (there seems to be a pattern…), candy and alien figures. The bags were styled to look like Toy Story aliens, with three googly eyes staring in amazement.

We are looking forward to the next meet up, and hope to see even more new faces at our next event!

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