Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland – 2nd Breakfast Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland – 2nd Breakfast Brunch

2nd Breakfast – an important Hobbit staple

This month’s brunch was held at the Cleveland Metropark’s Huntington Reservation in Bay Village, OH. We almost had to cancel, due to  the rain and rough winds. But, thanks to member Chrystal T., for helping us secure a picnic shelter, we were still able to put on our event! Even though we couldn’t go hiking or swimming, the area was full of Pokemon Stops, and a raid was had before the end of brunch!


The view of the beach from atop, by the shelter.

Because we reserved  a large shelter, we were a bit more informal this time around. We let our members bring  their significant others, kids, friends, and even puppers! Our brunch was done potluck style. And, because of people’s food allergy’s we asked that items brought included a list of ingredients so everyone is aware of what is in front of them.

Officers Katrina and Alana put baskets together to raffle off at brunch. There were about 10 different baskets, and a very large theater size Hobbit poster available for our attendees to choose from. The money raised from the raffle will be going towards a banner that we can use at conventions and more business cards. Some of the baskets they made are featured below:

In addition to our brunch, we had our Unofficial Events as well.  The Cleveland Metropark’s Zoo Clues and Brews Event happened this month. Our members participated in this annual scavenger hunt this year with two teams: Team Rocket and Walls To The Walls Narwhals. Out of 163 teams, Balls to the Walls Narwhals finished in 45th place, while Team Rocket finished in 49th.  We’re already looking forward to doing it again next year!

2nd breakfast
Team Rocket- Kayla, Chelley, Savannah, and Darlene
2nd Breakfast
Team Balls to the Walls Narwhals – Lindsey, Erin, Cassie, and Alana.
The Standings

Our Unofficial Movie night was “Crazy Rich Asians”, followed by dinner at Kumo, where we had brunch at last month.

Our Crafting group held a workshop this month to work on needle arts. Some members got to try some new loopy yarn, where the only tool you needed was your fingers.

2nd breakfast
Becky showing off what she made with the loopy yarn.

Our Game Night Group  had a Steampunk theme to it, and the food theme of potatoes. (Yes, you read that right!)

The Book Club Group read The Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, and discussed it over brunch at Granite City.

Next month:

Our brunch theme is “I Want to Believe”.

The Movie Outing event will be the premiere of the new Dr. Who at a local theater.

Many of our members are excited about October’s Game Night. Member Chandra is putting together a Murder Mystery at her house.

And, the Book Club’s theme is horror or suspense / thriller. Chandra is currently taking suggestions for what to read.

That’s all for now! Looking forward to seeing you in October!

2nd breakfast



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