GGB San Antonio’s May Comics & Graphic Novels Brunch!

GGB San Antonio’s May Comics & Graphic Novels Brunch!

On a beautiful, bright morning in May the girls from San Antonio Geek Girl Brunch met for a focused morning dedicated to Comics & Graphic Novels! We were all geared to go, focused on comics past and present, everything we knew about them, loved about them, and what they inspired into modern day!

Comics/Graphic Novel brunch was at GGB SA favorite — Ajuua: Mexican Bar & Grill; Cuisine de Mexico — which we return to at least once or twice every year, because they love us just as much as we love them, their servers, and their amazing brunch spread side by side with their mimosa’s.

Our girls showed up in a wide collection of comic & graphic novel shirts and even lowgrade in-the-know cosplay costumes and themed clothes:


Our brunch layout started with GGB SA constant coloring sheets and crayons, markers, color pencils, and artist chalk for discussing the art, and entertaining themselves with until our drinks arrived and then we were given the approval to start going through Ajuua’s AMAZING brunch line.

We spent our brunch having great conversations about how we got into comics, what we loved best, who our favorite characters are, and where they’ve been taken into movies and tv shows. We, also, got an amazing comic gift from the grab bag gifters, too!

Instead of a straight-up raffle this month, we held a ‘white elephant’ like graphic novel book swap. We all brought graphic novels wrapped in brown paper (or wrapped on arrival thanks to an industrious Geek Girl who came prepared with an extra roll of brown paper! We love you forever!), so no one could tell who brought what or when.

And our girls with the graphic novels they received:



At the end of our brunch, with our food all eaten and drinks completed, we gathered together for our every-brunch group shot of glory (which was made even better by one of our girls suggesting we took this one with all the new graphic novels, too!):

* More photo’s can be found at San Antonio GGB’s facebook album for Comics & Graphic Novels

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