GGB Fairfield’s Galentine’s Brunch

GGB Fairfield’s Galentine’s Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch Fairfield is all about ladies celebrating ladies so we wanted to be sure to fit in a galentine'sGalentine’s Day brunch this February.  We all gathered at a favorite spot, King’s Diner in Newtown, CT, and we had THE BEST time.

To kick off the brunch the right way, we ordered our cups of hot chocolate, each one topped with a mountain of whipped cream, because, at King’s, hot chocolate is mandatory.  We started the fun by doing some Galentine’s themed word scrambles – which resulted in us primarily making up our own words and meanings.  Now, this sounds way less funny than it was, but when you say “slag” enough times like it’s a normal term to use in conversation, it’s hysterical.  Officer Rhiannon made one of those fortunate tellers that we always made as kids, which had funny directives, such as telling us to drink more hot chocolate.  We also played several rounds of MASH to predict our future.  It is highly likely one of us will end up in an apartment with 3,000 children, making 10 galleons a year as a bumble bee therapist.  As we were galentine'sobnoxiously giggling at ourselves, the sweetest old man stopped to tell us that we had made his day with our joy and laughter and that we all belong in Hollywood.

We finished our breakfasts and had one more activity for everyone to do.  Each brunchette, was to write a letter for the person sitting to their right, to celebrate that person, write a nice message about what you like about them or a good memory.  Each of us decorated our cards with stickers and beads to make them extra special for our friends.  We gave the directive for everyone to read their cards at home so we can spread out all the galentine’s love for just a bit longer. Before leaving King’s, we had our Galentine’s gift swap, which ended with candy, small toys, and craft supplies being passed around.

See you all in Hollywood!




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