GGB San Antonio’s June Pride/LGBT+ Brunch!

GGB San Antonio’s June Pride/LGBT+ Brunch!

June’s brunch took place on a very warm Sunday morning in the lone star state. Pride month was in full swing and these Geek Girls were excited to show their support (in spite of the heat). The venue this time around was none other than The Cove; a Restaurant, Texas Beer Garden, Live Music Venue, Laundromat, and Carwash! This place gets really busy, and with good reason. Their food is “SOL” food – Sustainable, Organic, and Local (Read: tasty!).

Plus, they have excellent mimosas – and what would brunch be without those? (And yes, this is how they serve the mimosa “carafe”. Cool, huh?)

Dressing up is part of the fun of these brunches and this brunch was no exception; our girls showed up sporting rainbows and smiles:


But wait! Did I forget to mention there were cupcakes? That’s right! CUPCAKES. One of our girls went above and beyond to bring us this delightful surprise. With vanilla and chocolate flavors and a myriad of colors to choose from, every girl got exactly what she wanted! (Some of us shamelessly went back for seconds. Can you blame us?)

Though this month’s grab bags were a little on the light side, our girls continue to surprise us with the creativity and thoughtfulness that goes behind their contributions to them. We had fun glasses, pencils, a button to proudly show support, and rainbow sour ribbons with a positive message.

And no, we couldn’t help ourselves (those glasses were too much fun), we had to get a group picture with them!

We had some colorful items for the raffle this time around, which included art supplies, accessories, and a gorgeous art piece created by one of our girls:


And here are our lovely winners!


When the mimosas ran low, the SOL food had been eaten, and the cupcakes had been enjoyed, we concluded our brunch with a full group photo commemorate the occasion.

Though we had a smaller group this time around, we were not short on fun! The girls made great conversation about summer activities, the upcoming Pride parade, and, of course, plans for the next brunch!

More photos can be found at San Antonio GGB’s facebook album:  34th Brunch – Pride/LGBTQ

See you next time – July’s brunch theme is Magical Creatures and we can’t wait!

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