GGB Baltimore Goes Disney

GGB Baltimore Goes Disney

It was a beautiful Saturday when the ladies of GGB Baltimore made their way to Fells Point to The Point in Fells for our magical Disney Princess Brunch. Once again our numbers were small, but mighty..the ladies were channeling their inner Stitchs for this brunch. One of our brunchettes even left her home to join us despite the World Cup being on that morning.

Something that was unique about this brunch was this was the first time the brunchettes have gone to a restaurant that offered infusion type alcoholic drinks, in this particular place, they offered Jameson infused drinks and this officer definitely took a whirl, getting one of the best whiskey drinks I have ever had; it was called the Jittery Tweak which was vanilla and espresso infused Jameson with chai and cold brew coffee, it was definitely just the thing to get you going in the morning.

The drinks were not the only things that were delicious, everything on the menu looked just as good but we could only order so much. From the house made donut holes to the chicken waffles, everything came out delicious.

As always, the talk of the day strayed from the actual meet up topic, but some news came out, Toms is going to be releasing a Disney Princess line with the classic princesses. But talk strayed to work and finishing up grad school and what happens now. It was a great discussion, as any talk is with our brunchettes.

As always, it was an amazing morning with some amazing ladies. The evites for next month have already gone out. July’s theme with be magic anime girls, so come out in your favorite cosplay or decked out in your favorite magic anime girl; Sailor Moon et al. We will be once again visiting XS, see you July 22!

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